Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tree Python
Last night we watched the most exciting wildlife documentary.. right outside our lounge window. A huge Diamond python sat in the tree outside the window above the fence that acts as a highway for various animals such as possums and rats. The python sat patiently for hours waiting for something to walk along the top of the fence.. and he got two rats!! It strangled them and ate them whole whilst sitting in the tree. It was amazing

Friday, 7 October 2011

Freaking Hot today

Today it is 32 Degrees and 57 % Humidity.. To give a description, it feels like we are in a perpetual sauna that gives you a headache and makes you feel lethargic and tired all day. I have drank so much water today so that now I feel a bit ill. The Build Up has begun in Darwin and the Top End. If you get in a pool, you could be mistaken for getting in a bath of warm water. It doesn't help. All you can do is wait until evening for the cool breezes and NoN-rain to NoT fall.